Our Story


It all started when I decided to book a flight to Indonesia in September 2013. Within 3 days, I had packed up my entire life into a 5x6 storage unit and was on a 22 hour flight half way around the world... Alone and without a plan. Seems a little crazy to think about, but I can't even imagine having gone any other way. 

Two weeks turned into nearly two months of creating and exploring, making friends, and falling so deeply in love with the culture and the people I met. I had already started a little bracelet company, but it wasn't until this trip that things became really clear. The journey changed absolutely everything for me, and eventually, for others too!

After that, I lived out of a backpack for over a year and was traveling a lot between Bali and California. I managed to put together a team of friends, interns, and nearly 300 backers from around the world to help raise money to take the next steps. With the money we raised, we were able to provide jobs for 9 of the most incredible local Balinese artisans. It is with your help that all of this has been made possible, and that we continue to grow. I thank all of you who have, and continue to be, part of this journey!

I guess I just want to say - listen to your intuition. Go on the adventure. Take the leap. Follow your dreams.

Much love,