Featured Artists

Typography + Illustrations

Femme | @AllThingsByFemme www.allthings-byfemme.com
Femme is a student of fashion + branding at AMFI Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Her work is portrayed by beautiful hand lettered texts, illustrations, postcards, travel treasures, interior decoration, accessories & more. Founded on a great love for all things. 

White Smoke Design | @whitesmokedesign | www.whitesmokedesign.com
White smoke design is run by Zaffar, a public health student and a freelance graphic designer from Hamilton, New Zealand. He specialises in hand lettering and calligraphy and focuses on communicating originality and character through all of his creations.

Paige Tuzee | @paigetuzee_designs | www.paigetuzeedesigns.com
Paige Tuzee is a graphic artist based in Perth, Australia. Her typography and graphic work is beautiful + unique.



Stephanie Dandan: www.infinitesatori.org | @infinitesatori

Molly Lucinda: www.mollylucinda.com | @mollylucindaphoto

Matthew Parent: www.matthewparentstories.com | @matthew_parent

Aaron Kwondo: www.aokphoto.tumblr.com | @aokfoto

Stefanie Vinsel: www.stefanievinsel.com | @stefannagram